Saturday, July 25, 2020

Does That Spell Ernie? YA Studio

We have lots of new projects going on in the YA Studio.  I have been busy drafting some new patterns and putting together samples to share with you next week. I am fairly certain that I am continuously running measurements and math figures in my head 24/7.  My whole family knows it too! I get a glazed look in my eyes and someone immediately asks, "Are you thinking about sewing math right now?" I can't help it.  Makers gotta make! Speaking of making..... Ernie was quite certain one of the quilts we finished this week was just for him!
We had an order for a Doodle Doggie Quilt that had a sunny earthy theme. Their doggie just loves to lay outside in the grass soaking up the sun's rays.   
Here is Bodie's Doodle Day!  
A little farm scene 
And pastures 
A perfect earthy sunny quilt!
For Bodie! 
Hey! This name ends in "ie" 
My name ends in "ie"! 
Maybe this quilt is for me! 
Ernie - your name is spelled ERNIE.  This quilt is for BODIE. 
Heh. Heh. Heh. Can't blame a dog for trying!!!!

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