Monday, July 13, 2020

What We Love

Magnolia's puppies are snuggly happy little marshmallows of love!!!!
It is our last Puppy Picture Monday! 
We will all be going home soon! 
We can't wait to meet our new families 
and give them tons of love!
Look at all the things we love to do! 
Playing with toys 
Going for walks 
Leaping with happiness 
Listening to our puppy commands 
"Sit".... Good girl!!! 
Having fun at recess 
Puppy races 
Giving kisses 
Going on adventures 
Finding a shady spot 
Hanging out together 
Playing fetch 
Taking breaks 
Being a best buddy
Coming when called 
We love everything! 
But this is what we love most of all!
Happy Monday!

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