Thursday, July 23, 2020

Is This How You Wear It?

With so many states mandating masks be worn at all times when out and about....we are doing our best to help mask wearers look good!
The first step in making mask orders is to have the best helpers
Ernie McDoodle says, "That's a good 1/4" seam allowance!"
A little bit of reds and pinks 
Mixed in with some black and navy 
add a dash of grey 
and brilliant blues 
and Always Amelia says, "You can't forget your greens!" 
Equals a perfect mask rainbow!
This morning's order ready to pleat! 
Blooming in Green 
Farm Charm 
"Oink you glad you wore your mask?" 
Strawberry Jam 
"Jammin my way to the grocery store" 
Teal Leaves 
"Gotta leaf the Covid germs behind" 
Is this how you wear a mask? 
No Ernie - I don't think this is right 
Do you think someone will order a doggie mask?
Stay healthy everyone!

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