Thursday, April 25, 2013

It Must Love Me Too

I had a super busy morning today.  I had tons of work to do and most of it was outside work.  By 10:30am - I had already spent 3 hours outside and I was dirty and tired and needed a shower.  I threw a load of clothes in the wash and then took a shower and got dressed.  As I was finally sitting down, enjoying my cup of coffee, I decided to check to see how many steps I already had in for the day. I went to check my handy dandy much-loved step counter and......ACK!  WHERE IS IT?!??!!!!!  It wasn't clipped to my pants!  It wasn't in my pocket! IT WAS GONE!  It is at that moment all the blood drained from my face as panic set in. Nooooooooooooooooo! IT WAS IN THE WASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have to admit, I started to cry the second I realized it. I love that thing.  It keeps me motivated.  I have battles with my mom and my sister and my girls and my son AND EVEN Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  We all are synced together and we see who the winner is for the day.  Whoever wins the week gets big bragging rights. Since I started wearing it in January of this year, I have logged 1,385,636 steps! It is a really fun way to stay fit.  I couldn't believe I threw mine in the washing machine.  I ran as fast as I could, and the wash cycle was already finished.  As I was pulling out the wet clothes....there it was.  I AM SO SORRY!  I dried it off with a towel.....tears falling down my face....and pushed the button. It said "YOU ROCK Renee"  OH MY GOSH!  IT DIDN'T DIE!  I was so happy.  I hugged it.  I said, I will never ever wash you in the washing machine again! Yay! All I can think is ....It must love me too!

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