Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunset Walks

Lately my son and I have been going for a late night walk every night. The field hasn't been planted yet so we have tons of wide open spaces to explore.  The doodle doggies have especially enjoyed our sunset walks. They get to run and play fetch and have the best time finding various wildlife encounters. My son and I have used our walks to talk about everything. We have decided that this summer we are going to take a road trip together and take a look at some colleges. My son really wants to go to the Naval Academy.  He has been dreaming of becoming a midshipman since he was in grade school.  After all of our long walks and talks together, my son has agreed to check out a few other places. We are going to visit the United States Military Academy at West Point, The United States Coast Guard Academy, Virginia Military Institute and Norwich.  Sense a theme? I think our Military College Road Trip will be a blast. I know I will treasure our time together. I know how rare it will be. 
I will definitely miss nights like these

We stood and watched the sun slowly sink into the hillside

He loves his dogs

And they love him

And for me.....he will always be my little boy

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