Saturday, April 6, 2013

Soooooo it's like Taxes right?

This morning I got up early and went straight to my "jail" and worked on taxes for hours and hours and hours.  My eyes got weary.  My mind started to wander. I felt the beautiful day CALLING me.  It said, COME OUT!  COME OUT INTO THE SUN!" So maybe I did this:

Which looks just like doing taxes right?
and then maybe after I got this far, I may have done this
See my cute pink basket?  AND water holder?
I mean - that just says, "Let's Go!"
AND then my son said that he wanted to go on a bike ride with me.
How could I refuse? I mean on one hand I have a dreary room filled with papers and numbers and more papers and more numbers. On the other hand I have a bike and a basket and a son that wants to go riding.  Such a torturous decision!
Guess which one won?
I rode 16.5 miles and had the best time!  I am now really really ready to do my taxes.  And I won't think about taking pictures of squirrels.  Or riding my bike. Or playing with the puppies......until tomorrow.  Cause I am pretty sure I will need a puppy break sometime during the day!  Puppies make taxes SO much better!

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