Thursday, April 4, 2013

I thought today was Thursday

I never thought I would say this but.....oh how I miss cleaning the house. Even though today IS Thursday and Thursdays ARE "Clean the House Thursday" today is something far more arduous.  Today is dreary.  Today is dreadful.  Today is....."DO YOUR TAXES THURSDAY!" Oh NO!  Not Taxes! I have put it off and put it off and now I can hear Uncle Sam knocking at my door.  There is no putting it off any longer. The mountain of paperwork must be tackled.  The pile of receipts must be organized. The stack of year-end statements must be accounted for.  Sigh.  I will be locked upstairs in the tiny little office surrounded by a million pieces of paper......FOREVER.  Well at least on Day One it feels like FOREVER.  I have so much to do.  It takes days to do all the Yesteryear Acres taxes. With any luck, I will climb out of my deep tax hole by Monday. I hope Mr. Yesteryear Acres likes leftovers.  It doesn't look promising for a deluxe homemade meal tonight....or tomorrow.......or the next day.  At least our leftovers are delicious!  Let the Tax Fun Begin!!!!!

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