Friday, April 5, 2013

Distracted? Who Me??

OH THE TORTURE! OH the MOUNDS of papers! OH the endless numbers!  Is it possible to break your finger through repetitive use syndrome?  Like, let's say......hitting the keys of an adding machine, again and again and again. TAXES! How I hate thee! I locked myself in my little cubicle first thing this morning.  I have been there all day.  Well all day except for when I saw Blackie!  Blackie our squirrel is back!
Isn't he so cute?

He obviously wants me to come outside 

Blackie says, "Taxes are Yucky!  COME OUTSIDE AND PLAY!"

and take time for a snack

and play some more

Then it is naptime in a nice shady spot!
Good ole Blackie! Now that I am downstairs,  I think I will make some fresh squeezed orange juice. And then maybe a snack!  And then maybe a nap.......
Hahahahaha! Like that would ever happen here at Yesteryear Acres! Okay maybe just the Orange Juice and then back up to my cubicle for more tax fun.  Sigh.  Keep on adding.  Keep on adding.  What do we do? We add. add. add.

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