Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Puppy Goodies

Today the weather was quite dreary.  No outdoor recess for the puppies. No sunset walk for the doodle doggies.  Just rain, rain, and more rain.  What to do on a cold rainy day? PUPPY GOODIES of course!  We have puppies going home this weekend so today was the perfect day for getting all the puppy packs ready.  Wouldn't you know..... I had many little eager puppy helpers!  What is more fun than playing in piles of puppy toys?!?! All the puppies had their favorites and they were more than willing to personally test out each toy to make sure they were dog friendly.  I think the puppies thought that indoor recess was even more fun than playing outdoors.  They had a blast and once the puppies were tuckered out, I was able to sort all the puppy toys in the right piles and assemble all the puppy care packages. The Yesteryear Acres puppy packs are now lined up and ready to go!  Puppy Weekend is almost here!

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