Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yet Another Day of Fun

Wait until you see today's pictures.  Oh my gosh.  You will instantly wish you were here at Yesteryear Acres.  You will be green with envy. You will probably cry yourself to sleep over the deep anguish you will feel in having missed the fun we had yesterday. Yesterday was......
I know. I know.  You are probably crying right now.
Mr. Yesteryear Acres really knows how to have fun

WHAT?!  We get to pick up rocks?!!  OH BOY!

I definitely think this counts as a workout. 

Am I thinking, "Please Mr. Sun WILL YOU SET Already?!! If it gets tooooo dark, we can't pick up rocks any longer!"
No such luck.  This is load.....10 or 11?  I lost track
Where are all the rocks going?  To the pond! We are reinforcing the sides of the pond to cut down on erosion.  Today's progress.....so far.
Some rocks..... I don't even bother to help.  I take pictures instead!  OOOOH Look How Heavy!  I am so helpful!
And Back to the pond
I hope you are able to hold back your envy
Oh boy!  MORE ROCKS!  
Why won't you set already Mr. Sun??!!!!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres says we can do at least 3-4 more loads.  OH JOY!
Really making progress now
Tonight we get to finish adding MORE rocks to the curved area.  WHAT?!  We get to do this again?!!!  Man.  I. AM. SO. LUCKY!  I really can't wait.  MORE ROCKS!
This was clearly needed.
I might need to make more ice cream tonight.  And more cookie dough.  Yes.  Both.  I need to make both.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is already excited for yet another day of fun. 

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  1. This was awesome! I'm thinking the ice cream should be "Rocky Road", though. :)


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