Friday, April 12, 2013

Now that we are all clean.......

The puppies looked might snazzy today! They all were given lovely beauty treatments. Nails all trimmed.  Coats all brushed. Tidy hair trims for the "personal" areas.... AND new collars.  Oooooh la la.  They look great!  After each puppy got the spa treatment, they went outside to play for a while.  Once a puppy has on a new collar, all the puppy can think about is, "OH MY GOSH, I HAVE A HUGE SOMETHING ON MY NECK!"  Which makes the other puppies think, "I wonder what that huge something tastes like?!"  Going outside is the best way of distracting them from their newest accessory.  They immediately forget about scratching and chewing and trying to reach their collars and instead they romp around the yard with glee. Today they went outside looking marvelous.  And then they played.  And played some more.  They romped with happiness....right into the mud pile.  Yep.  We got a ton of rain yesterday so the yard is not nice and dry.  The yard is wet and muddy.  So the puppies aren't quite as sparkly clean as they once were but they are all smiling from ear to ear.  Nothing beats romping in mud!  It is the very best fun!

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