Friday, May 9, 2014

20,000 Feet

I am writing my blog from about 20,000 feet in the air because right now I am on my way to Nashville, Tennessee for the GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) Breeder conference. My alarm went off at O’Dark-Thirty and poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres graciously got up with me, let out all the doggies, made me a cup of coffee AND drove me to the airport this morning.  That is true love.  4:30am is way too early to get up! I was really glad he drove me because when I got to the airport this morning, I was definitely not alone.  The line to check in and the security line were so long.  I actually have never seen lines that long at our airport before.  The entire time I stood in line, the couple behind me talked about whether they would make their flight or not. “I don’t know if we will make it.” “This line is so long.” “Have you ever seen a line this long?” Then there would be about 20 seconds of silence and then, “I don’t know if we are going to make it.” “This line is just so long.”  Pause. Pause. “I don’t know if we are going to make it.”  They repeated that same exact discussion almost verbatim for the entire duration. I felt like someone needed to tell them the 2 options that were available to them:  Option 1) They WOULD make it.  Option 2) They would NOT make it.  In either case, asking each other if they would make it would ultimately not change the course of events. Of course I didn’t say anything as I was fairly sure my keen early morning insight would not be appreciated. Whenever my mom worries about something and I say, “it either will work or it won’t work out” she also doesn’t seem to appreciate my thoughtful insight. I have found though that excessive worry about a particular outcome really doesn’t change what will or won’t happen. Life happens – and no amount of worry changes what will or won’t be. All you can do is plan ahead, be prepared and face things as they come. As for the couple behind me in line……they made it! Now imagine if instead of worrying the entire time they were in line, they were excited about their upcoming trip and were filled with smiles.  I think that would have been a much happier use of their time. Of course – I am filled with smiles because in just one short hour, I get to see my friend April who is meeting me at the airport.  She is a very good goldendoodle breeder friend of mine and we will be doing all the conference things together. We have a full line up of events and seminars to go to.  It should be an awesome doodle trip!  So much to learn! April…. I am on the way!


  1. If you only knew how much your writing inspires me, and I'm certain, others. I'm pretty good at planning ahead and being prepared. It's the facing things that throw me for a loop. Your insight is remarkably common sense and calming. I hope your positive attitude rubs off on me! Thanks! And I'll bet you have every woman pea green with envy for a Mister Yesteryear Acres of their own. (My Mr. Green Jeans is also a catch!)
    Your friend, Winnie's mom

    1. Thank you so much for such a nice post!!!! You are so sweet. I am definitely lucky to have my Mr. Green Jeans. Whenever I face things that throw me for a loop - I just remember to be grateful for all my blessings in my life. I am lucky to spend my days surrounded by so much love!


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