Tuesday, May 6, 2014

After School Walk

As soon as my son came home from school today we decided that we had to go on a walk.  The weather was way too beautiful to pass up a lovely after school walk with the doggies. Here at Yesteryear Acres you definitely need to spell the word "W A L K" or you get all the doggies running to the door at full speed. You can only say the actual word when you are ready to W A L K out the door.  The doggies were quite happy with our choice of after school activity.
Nothing beats running through a corn field on a bright blue skied sunny day!

Total Happiness

The view from the top

The doggies are looking a little hot and tired!

My son has just the idea for them

Pond time!!!

Everyone loves swimming in the pond!

It is doggie heaven! 
(And the humans like it too!)

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