Sunday, May 11, 2014

On the way home!

I had a terrific time at the Goldendoodle Breeder Conference.  I was surrounded by the nicest group of doodle breeders and I learned some great tips in caring for our doodle doggies.  My favorite seminar was given by a veterinarian that developed the parvo vaccine. What an awesome vet!  He was super knowledgeable and knew so much about caring for mommy dogs and their little babies. I took notes the entire time he spoke and I can’t wait to share everything I have learned with Mr. Yesteryear Acres. The Goldendoodle Association Of North America Board Members that organized the conference did an excellent job and I have to say that their dedication to providing yummy cookies and brownies throughout the day was much appreciated. Everything was perfect and I was really grateful to be a part of such an awesome conference. I am now officially on my way home after what appeared to be a never-ending flight delay. I now know every square inch of the Nashville International Airport.  Sorry I will be home so late Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  I am sure you will have one long sleepy drive to the airport to come and get me but don’t worry…. I will keep you awake on our return drive home.  I have so much to share! I’m finally on my way home to you!

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