Thursday, May 1, 2014

2 Amazing Things!

This evening I witnessed not one but TWO Amazing things.  The first was that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son finished their farm chores and were cleaned up and ready and walked out the door ON TIME.  The second was nothing happened to stop them from actually making it OUT the door! My son has anxiously been awaiting the premiere of the documentary movie "Farmland" which opened today. He bought advanced tickets a long time ago and has been counting down the days until he and his dad could go watch the movie.  We rarely go out to the movies.  I think the last time Mr. Yesteryear Acres actually made it to the movies and was able to watch an entire show was five years ago.  It just doesn't happen here.  We have puppies and doggies and can't be gone that long.  We make movie night happen at Yesteryear Acres so that we can still take care of our sweet doodle puppies while we enjoy the show. Tonight was a special occasion though because this movie is a documentary all about farmers and farmland.  Only 1% of the entire US population are farmers.  It is a hard, risky, unforgiving, never-ending job. It is like what we do but magnified a million times. Farmers are up before the sun, go to bed long after the sun sets and never ever get a day off. Mother Nature is always in charge and the manual labor they do each and every day is harder than most people can imagine.  Farmers have a hard life but a rewarding life.  My son loves farming and when he retires (from what he hopes is a long military career) he wants to spend the rest of his days farming.  He is so excited to go watch "Farmland" and experience the farming life through the eyes of six young farmers.  I can't wait for them to get home and tell me all about the movie.  I know my son will give me every detail so I won't even feel like I missed out. I've got all the puppy chores covered - and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son have "Farmland" covered.  Seems like a good team to me!

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