Saturday, May 17, 2014

Don't Feel Like It

Today was one of those days where I had a list a mile long of things that needed to be done, but I didn't feel like doing any of them. The thing about raising adorable doodle doggies is that you never get "don't feel like it" days.  Even if you don't feel like it, the work always has to be done.  You can't put off caring for your doodle doggies and doodle puppies and there just isn't a day available for lounging around and being lazy. Most days are pretty simple for me and I just get after it but today, I woke up tired and stayed tired all day.  Every thing I did, I had to psych myself up for.  "Come on! Let's go wash the puppy blankets! It will be so much fun!" and "Now it's time to wash puppy dishes! You can do it!" A couple of times today I sat down and gave myself 4 minute breaks. I let myself just sit down and wait for the clock to strike the exact hour and then made myself get up again.  It was just one of those days.  When 5:00pm rolled around and I still hadn't exercised, I started trying to talk myself out of exercising.  I said to myself that maybe I needed to take a break.  Maybe I needed a nap.  Maybe I needed a day off.  I was really close to giving in when I got up and turned on my treadmill and started walking.  When I was all done with my workout I thought about how much better it feels to do something rather than make excuses for not doing something. I am always filled with so much happiness when I accomplish the goals I set out for myself. No matter how tired I may have been, I am always rejuvenated after accomplishing my task. I then try to remember to hold on to that feeling of accomplishment and pride as a motivator for the next time I don't feel like it.  Every now and then remembering how glad I will be AFTER is the only way I can get moving.  Getting going might be hard - but giving up is always hardest. My saying for the day, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do? We swim. Swim. Swim."

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