Monday, May 5, 2014

Snuggle Bundle of Puppy Love

Sweet Pea is doing a wonderful job caring for her bundle of puppies. Whenever we walk into the room to check on Sweet Pea, she has her puppies in two very neat piles of 6 puppies each. Sweet Pea rolls one way and nurses 6 puppies and when those 6 have had their fill, Sweet Pea turns the other way and nurses the other 6 puppies.  She is one smart mommy doggie!!!!
One Pile of 6 Adorable Puppies 
and then......

The Other Pile of 6 Adorable Puppies!

12 Goldendoodle Babies in one big puppy pile

Now that's one big snuggle bundle of love!

They are so adorable

with their sweet little happy faces

And their little eyes have now opened!
Happy Monday!!!!

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