Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good Times. Yes. Good Times.

My son came home from school yesterday with the news that a meteor shower would be occurring during the middle of the night. Upon further investigation, it appeared as though it would be an epic event.  Hundreds of meteors shooting across the sky potentially reaching 1,000 meteors per hour.  How could we miss that?!  We set our alarms for 2:00am and began our meteor watching vigil.  I made sure not to go to bed as I feared I would never get out of my comfy covers. Mr. Yesteryear Acres went straight up to bed as he decided to forgo the couch idea.  My son agreed.  The bed would be a much better location for waiting.  I was not going to miss this event.  I waited on the couch for my alarm to go off at 2:00am and then my daughter and I went outside to go witness the amazing meteorological event. My daughter and I watched and waited. We had gathered our blanket.  We had on our coats.  We braved the chilly air.  Then we watched and waited some more.  When 2:30am rolled around and not one shooting star was to be seen, we headed back inside to investigate the meteor shower event.  The news was still calling for the once in a lifetime meteor shower.  Several news agencies called it a meteor STORM.  As in there would be SO many stars shooting across the sky, it would literally be a storm.  The peak was to hit at 3:18am.  And so my daughter and I waited and went back outside at 3:07am. There we sat once again and watched and waited.  Around 3:15am, we saw 6 blinking flashes. It was barely worth mentioning.  Flash........Flash.....then nothing.
"Did you see that?"
"The thing in the sky that looked like a firefly? Yes I saw that."
"Was that it?!!???"
We then waited a little longer and...... nothing. Yes. That was it. We dedicated our entire evening to one blink in the sky.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said he got up at 3:00am, went to the window and saw nothing and then crawled back into bed. My son didn't even bother to set his alarm as he figured we would get him if there were something worthy of watching.  My daughter and I however, embraced the entire meteor event, only to be disappointed by the absence of the highly anticipated green streaks of awesomeness across the star filled sky.  Today we are SO tired and have no awesome tale to tell.  I guess years from now we will say, "Remember that time we stayed up all night to watch a flashing light in the sky?........Good times.  Yes. Good times!"

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