Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Just about in every room of our house, you will find a dog bed. I mean a doggie's got to be comfortable right? We have one big doggie bed in the room where I work.  It is actually big enough for several doggies and I have seen a few humans nap there as well.  Well today when I walked in the room what did I see?
One of our tiniest doggies on the great BIG bed and our Blossom Doodle curled up in the teeny tiny doggie/kitty bed.  It looks like Scooter is telling Blossom she just better stay in that little bed.  

I am not even sure how Blossom managed to crawl into such a small ball to fit in that bed but that is where she stayed for most of the afternoon.  Meanwhile Scooter enjoyed stretching out and NOT sharing his bed with anyone.  I am going to have to have a talk with him about sharing. I suppose today was a pretty good day for dog napping.  We have just had endless rain here.  It is so dreary outside.  

This was our backyard this morning and it is even worse now.  Unless I want to get out the rowboat, I might as well go join Scooter!  It looks like he has the only dry spot for napping today! Now move over doggie!

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