Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Next Week

When I got on the scale after returning from my trip to Nashville, my scale actually moaned. Evidently if one eats cookies on the hour, every hour, for an entire weekend, the results will immediately be felt when stepping on the bathroom scale.  Ugh.  What did I do? I try to keep my weight in a small regulated zone. I feel much better physically and my clothes fit a LOT better if I stay on top of my weight and not let it get away from me.  I usually weigh myself just about every day to be sure I am within my acceptable range. Well, the non-stop cookie fest took me past my upper limit and then some.  Sigh.  I even walked every morning and made sure to get my exercise in! I don't think my body likes me sitting still all day long.  I believe the non-activity turned off my metabolism and allowed it to take a long nice nap. I am also sure the fact I ate 1,345,986 cookies didn't help.  This morning I vowed to never eat cookies again! I mean it!  No more cookies!  After lunch today when Mr. Yesteryear Acres started eating cookies - I said "NO!"  Even when Mr. Yesteryear Acres put the cookie RIGHT in front of me and said they were soooooo good, I still said no! I have to get rid of my cookie belly!  I was doing great.  I had gone a good 6 hours with nary a bite of cookie son walked in the door.  He had his Mother's Day present for me.  He bought me my favorite bouquet......
Oh nooooo!  Iced Sugar cookies! I have no will power against iced sugar cookies. I lasted approximately 10 seconds before devouring my first flower.  Okay.  Next Week.  Next week NO cookies.  And I mean it!

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