Friday, August 28, 2015

Don't forget the croutons!

Bri is moving back to college tomorrow morning so of course tonight we have to make one last delicious dinner so she can have a tummy full of happiness when she leaves.  I have beef slow roasting in the oven.  The beef should be close to the point where it falls apart just by looking at it.  We have a batch of homemade noodles ready and are getting ready to peel potatoes for a side dish of mashed potatoes to go with the beef and noodles. I also am making homemade gravy to top everything off.  No dinner would be complete without homemade rolls and if that weren't enough, we are making homemade croutons for our salad! Now this is a meal to remember!  For dessert........cookies and cream ice cream!  Don't worry Bri - I am making extra so you can bring the leftovers to school!  Hope you're hungry.......dinner will be ready in an hour! Bon Appetit!

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