Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my Mom's 50th Birthday!!!! We already had her big birthday bash so today was all about doing the things she loves. It was a very special day as it has been several years since my sister and I have been home for our Mom's birthday! Luckily we had the perfect weather to do one of her absolute favorite things... Riding Bikes!!! But before we could start our day we had to have breakfast. And who doesn't love cream cheese coffee cake!?!? I must say my sister did an impeccable job with breakfast this morning. As soon as I stepped into the house this morning I could smell the delicious aroma of cream cheesy doughy goodness. She even used fresh orange zest in the recipe! 

Unfortunately my brother has already departed for college and we are all really missing him. But as we sat down to eat breakfast  we received a text from my brother saying happy birthday to our Mom as well as a picture of his breakfast. He had biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs and was eating at the same time as us! So we all had virtual birthday breakfast together! It was of course, absolutely delicious! 

After our meal it was time to load up and hit the bike trail!

 Mother nature was just as ready to celebrate my Mom's big day!!

My Mom and Dad were just adorable on their tandem bicycle 

We even had music playing from a speaker in my sister's bicycle basket to keep the activity festive! 

50 and Absolutely Fabulous!

 We love Ohio!!

The most dangerous selfie my sister and I have ever tried to take... we almost crashed! Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Queen of the Day!! Riding with no hands.... or pretty much coasting as my dad peddled our Birthday Girl down the sunshiny path.

After our lovely bike rides my sister was in charge of lunch where she cut up fresh tomatoes and prepared green beans from the garden to make scrumptious garden sandwiches on sourdough bread with homemade aioli for lunch. It was heaven on bread!!! We even had chocolate cake with chocolate icing (birthday girl request) that was gone before we even knew it!

Up next popcorn and homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh cookie dough!! Remember birthday calories don't count!!! 

Happiest of Birthdays to the most wonderful, kindhearted, inspiring woman I know! You make everyday special for your family and friends! I hope you have the best birthday today! You may have turned 50 (ps sorry for the jokes this morning... you know we love you) but you make it fun, fashionable, and fantastic! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! You are beautiful inside and out!!




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