Friday, August 7, 2015

Reality Check

So far I have been happily living in denial.  There is absolutely no way that in a mere 2 weeks from now, my son will be moving away to college.  In fact when I looked at the calendar at this exact moment and counted the remaining days that my son has left, I gasped in horror realizing it was in TWO WEEKS!  How can this be?  How did summer fly by so quickly?  I am faced with two life events the weekend after next. Life Event Number One - my last child moves out and our home will be an empty nest.  And Life Event Number Two - the day after my son moves to college, it is my BIG 1/2 Century Birthday. Yes, I will be turning 50 years old the morning after I drop my son off at college. I feel this must be some cruel twist of fate! Just to make certain that my suffering is complete, tonight, after dinner......we went back to school shopping. College Dorm Room things, notebooks,  Twin XL bedding, pencils and pens. All the essentials.  Now my living room is full of a giant pile of reminders.   Two weeks and counting.  Sigh.

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