Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Digital Pictures

When Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I first started raising puppies, we had to take pictures of our puppies with a camera that used FILM.  For all of you that are unfamiliar with this concept, let me share the joys of taking pictures with one of these "old-fashioned" cameras.  First, you could never just take pictures of every day occurrences. No way!  Picture taking was definitely saved for special occasions only.  Birthdays, holidays - that kind of thing.  Film was expensive and then developing the pictures was also expensive and time consuming.  That's right, you took your roll of pictures, usually 24-36 pictures on a roll, and then had to take your film to a developer and then WAIT for your pictures.  Usually it took 2 weeks before you would get your pictures.  Imagine being limited to 24 pictures and then waiting what certainly seemed like an eternity before getting to see if you even got a good photo.  It was quite a torturous experience.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I used to take puppy pictures for our puppy families and when we finally would get our roll of film developed, we would have approximately 20 pictures of a puppy ear or puppy nose and 4 pictures that were almost of a complete puppy face.  Let's just say, they weren't the best pictures!  Puppies like to move quickly and the pictures were never what we hoped they would be. Fast forward to the digital picture age and just yesterday we took over 300 puppy pictures and then looked at them right away and we had tons of awesome photos.  Just like that.  I think I have 15,000 pictures on my phone right now.  15 THOUSAND.  And.....I love every one.  I am so grateful for my puppy pictures and family pictures and nature pictures.  I love being able to take a photo any time I want, look at it immediately, and cherish it forever.  Next time you take that instant picture....just smile and be thankful if that picture isn't a good one.....you can take another hundred or so right then and there!  Thank you Digital Pictures for allowing endless snapshots of happy moments to treasure!

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