Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sophomore in the House!

We have a Sophomore in the house!  My son's freshman year at college is now officially over.  He is HOME!  Hurray!  I was so excited to see him pull into our driveway. I helped unload his truck with a gigantic smile on my face. I have missed him so much!  We only will have a short time together so we need to squeeze in as much time as we can.  My  son is leaving in two weeks for his summer internship program.  He will be living in Illinois interning in Agricultural Services Operations Management for a big agricultural company.  I am so proud of him but I will definitely miss him so much.  We have never spent a summer apart and it will not be the same without him here.  For now..... his room is full of his things, his doggies are all wagging their tails with glee, his parents are already giving him work to do and a great big roaster chicken is in the oven for his welcome home dinner. Welcome home Sophomore!  WE MISSED YOU!

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