Friday, May 20, 2016

Chief Puppy Snuggler

Now that Bri is officially halfway done with nursing school, we are so very glad she is home for the summer. Not only is Bri the very best nursing student, but she is also the very best puppy socializer. After we were done celebrating the awesome grades she received for her Sophomore year, it was time to make the list of her jobs for the summer. We are so thankful that Bri is once again choosing to spend her summer at Yesteryear Acres helping us out with all our puppy chores! Our son leaves this weekend for his summer internship position so it is up to Bri to help get our long list of summer chores accomplished.  First up.......puppies, puppies and more puppies.  With our abundance of Spring Doodle Puppies, Bri will be spending her days cuddling, snuggling, playing, kissing, hugging and loving all the puppies.  Yes, that is Bri's job.  Chief Puppy Snuggler! We let her know that for the next month, her job is just to love and play with all our puppies.  I am sure you can guess that Bri eagerly agreed to take on that role!  Our Doodle puppies will have non-stop cuddles! The Doodle Puppies are very happy to have their Bri back home.......and so are we!  Thanks Bri!

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