Monday, May 16, 2016

Toddling About

Our spring Doodle babies are up and toddling about.  They are so cute trying to scramble over each other and are just starting the beginning stages of playing together.  They only last a few minutes until it is back to napping again.  Sleep time and mommy time is what they love most. They are adorable to watch. They bring smiles to our hearts every day!
Sugar's Goldendoodle Puppy says, "Thanks for playing with me"

"That was fun"

"Maybe I will just rest my head"

"Our brother makes the best pillow"

"Playing is hard work"

"I think it is nap time"

Sweet Pea's puppy thinks it is time for a nap too

"But I am ready to play!"

Grits Double Doodle puppies are a snuggly bunch

They give great hugs

and kisses!

"Want to cuddle with us?"


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