Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sugar Sunday

Sugar's Goldendoodle puppies are getting cuter every day.  They are now going outside for potty breaks and are doing great.  Enjoy this week's pictures!
Sunday Fun Day!
What game are we playing today? 
Capture the Flag!

What about hide and go seek?

But I want to play tag!

You are it!

I can run faster than you!

Wanna bet?
I am on base

8...9...10.....Ready or not here I come!

Is this a good spot?

Can you find me?

That was a fun game

I have to tell you something important....


That was it

Where's mine?

I'm ready for a nap

Can someone carry me?

Me too!

I'll just wait here
Tuckered Out

zzzzzzz Nap time!
Happy Sugar Sunday

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