Thursday, May 12, 2016

Goodbye to a Wonderful Teacher

My children lost a great role model this week.  Their beloved high school math teacher died suddenly of a heart attack. The entire community is in mourning.  We lost more than a math teacher, we lost a truly compassionate individual. He was the kind of math teacher that cared much more about the class he was teaching.  He cared about every student.  He was the kind of teacher that took the time to  check and see how his students were really doing.  Not just in his class, but in every aspect.  He was always willing to come in early.  He was always willing to stay late.  If he were asked for a recommendation, it would be ready the very next morning and not just a quick note, but a full letter explaining all the exceptional qualities he believed that student possessed.  He was an integral part of my children's lives during their years at the high school.  He was their teacher and role model and friend.  My children are not the only ones who felt that connection.  The line for the showing this evening extends far past the parking lot.  He will be missed by everyone. He was truly one of a kind and his compassion and mentorship helped to shape so many students and his loss will be felt by us all. My children are grieving over the loss of their teacher and grateful for all he shared with him.

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