Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Here at Yesteryear Acres even though we love our Doodle Doggies with all our hearts, they are not allowed on the furniture.  We have a very strict no furniture rule for the living room and the doggies are really good about it. There may be a few unnamed children here that love to have doodle doggies to snuggle with in bed. The Doodle Doggies all know they must be invited up on the beds when it is snuggle time.  No doggies freely jump on the beds - they sit and politely wait for their invitation.  If there is no invitation, a nice spot is found on the floor and there the Doodle Doggie happily sleeps all night long. The no furniture rule has been enforced since the beginning and it hasn't been broken............until today.  I walked into the living room and WHAT did I see?
OLIVE DOODLE DOG!!!!! On my couch!  Olive! NOOOOOOOO!
I immediately texted my son and asked him, 
"What Is Wrong With This Picture?!"
His reply:
"I am sorry mom that I left my sock on the floor. I will pick it up when I get home."


  1. That's so funny! We pretty much had the same rule. Duke always waits to be invited. We've let up a bit on the rule, but he still prefers to be on the floor.


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