Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Never Ending 'Tail' of Growth

Watch Me Grow Wednesday is here!! I think Ernie McDoodle is taking this blog post a little too seriously! He had a MAJOR growth spurt this week and is weighing in today at 48lbs! 
"I weigh HOW MUCH Mom!?" 

I had to put Ernie on the scale TWICE today, as I couldn't believe that was correct. I even made him go outside to go poop and then weighed him again. He is definitely 48lbs! 

With my big growing boy, I have been making sure Ernie is getting all his puppy zoomies out with plenty of exercise. This week, Maverick and Ernie went on a really long walk in the snow. Olive and Hickory were sure to lead the way. 

Ernie just LOVES the snow

He firmly believes that each snowflake tastes as unique as they look...

Therefore he must lick them all

And with lots of playtime, comes lots of nap time
The puppy face of "I'm-not-tired-you're-tired"

Followed by more playtime... and of course

Lots and lots of cuddle time!

I can't believe how fast you are growing 'little' Ernie McDoodle!! 



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