Thursday, January 24, 2019

Officially a Big Boy- An Ernie McDoodle Story

Ernie McDoodle is officially a BIG BOY! He has broken the 50lb mark and is weighing in at 51.5lbs. Not only did he grow out of all his puppy collars and is now wearing one of Maverick's collars, but he also needed the big dog nail trimmers today too! How did my fur child get so big!?! We had an epic week together filled with sledding and snow fun.

My snow puppy loved his first sledding experience! 

Maverick and Ernie liked to run as fast as they could next to me while I went down the hill

He is a very attentive puppy. Ernie McDoodle gives me excellent eye contact and is always right by my side

Most nights Ernie prefers to sleep on the cool floors, but he is always right where I can see him

I love my sweet growing boy so much!!



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