Friday, January 11, 2019

Ernie McDoodle's Trip to the Vet

This week Ernie had his big boy appointment at the vet's office. At four months old, Ernie needed his rabies vaccine as well as a routine wellness check up. 
He was a VERY good boy in the waiting room. He didn't even bark at the kitty patients that came in 
"We are ready for Ernie McDoodle"... "Hey thats me!!"
Ernie and Bear waiting for a little poke in the butt... (You can tell one knows what is coming and one does not)
Who doesn't like to go to the vet with their best bud!?
Ernie was SUCH a good boy for the vet!! He got a gold star in health and gave lots and lots of kisses to everyone that greeted him. He barely even noticed his shot!

I was one proud Dog Mama!
Ernie weighed in at 42.2lbs! He liked the big scale at the office
Finally our visit was over and this 'little' guy was ready to go home and tell his brother all about his big day.

I am so happy Ernie had a great visit to the vet! Now that he is fully vaccinated we can start going on big adventures! Maverick can't wait to go back to the arboretum again and I know Ernie will just love it too! 
Well maybe the adventures will begin after a quick nap... My sweet silly doodles!



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