Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dirty Doodles

Today I caught Maverick causing mischief and the little stinker tried blaming it on Ernie! I turned my back for ONE minute and turned back around to see Maverick rolling allllll in the mud as if he were a piglet. Now Maverick made this look really enticing and then definitely invited his little brother in on the mud fun. I believe Maverick's thought process was "If Ernie does it too... I can't get in trouble!" Now this may have been incorrect logic, but I did laugh when I saw the two of them as thick as thieves rolling and roughhousing in the largest mud puddle ever (sorry Dad about the yard..) So now I have this dirty doodle and his accomplice to deal with...
Ummm Mom... I don't know what happened...
It was his idea! *jinx* Hehehehe
I don't see mud on us anywhere!
I uh have always had these spots, YEAH! I was born this way!
*Hehehe*I have no regrets! Bet I'll do it again too!

Looks like it's going to be bath time for some dirty doodles today!



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