Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beautiful Dawn

Anyone who owns a doggie definitely can sympathize and relate to my morning. There I was peacefully sleeping of the dogs started to whine at the bedroom door.  Not a soft whimpering whine. Not at all. A full on - "LET ME OUT RIGHT NOW" bathroom emergency whine. Ugh.  It wasn't even 5am! So of course I let the doggie out.  And of course the doggie REALLY had to go.  And of COURSE I couldn't go back to sleep! The only saving grace to the very early start to my day was the beautiful sunrise that I got to share with Mr. Yesteryear Acres. 
I am glad I am married to an early bird
Because we got to share the sunrise together 
Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres.
Grateful for our beautiful dawn

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