Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy Birthday Hank

Austin's Belgian Malinois Puppy just had his very first birthday!
Happy Birthday Hank!!!! Your first year has been quite the adventure!
Baby Hank 
Bestest Buddies 
Ready for Farm Work 
Hank learned early to watch Austin's six 
and to keep little Penny Warm
Olive is a great big sister and teacher
Keeping Mr. Yesteryear Acres Tractor Safe 
Time for Love and....
Time to Train! 
Hank learned his basic commands quickly 
No problem!
Sit and Stay?  Got it!
What a good little puppy! 
Did you say little? 
Watch me grow! 
A little bit of swimming
A little bit of sunshine 
and Hank grew before our very eyes 
Taking care of our baby doodle puppies 
and big doodles! 
Hank is an agility master 
and has a drive like none other 
Austin and Hank work and train with police dogs
And Hank is going to be a dual purpose dog certified in narcotics detection
Hank and Austin LOVE training days!

And Hank is doing great!
Time to rest the working joints!
Ready for night work 
Hank loves scent training, drug detection training, police dog training, tracking training, agility training, protection training........
But most of all - Hank loves Austin
And Austin loves Hank 
Happy Birthday Hank!

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