Monday, January 21, 2019

Puppy Picture Monday Still Going Strong

Thank you for all the posts and picture emails of our Yesteryear Acres Doodles!  We love keeping "Puppy Picture Monday" as the highlight of the week.  Keep sending in those adorable doodle photos!!!  We love them!
"He took my stick" Doodles 
"Beat him at cards again" Doodle 
"Welcome Home" Doodle 
"Did you say CHEESE?" Doodle 
"I love my blanky" Doodle
"I love Chocolate" Doodle 
"I am a Buckeye" Doodle 
"My first snow" Doodle 
"Making a snow fort" Doodle 
"My sister is growing" Doodles 
Who has the prettiest coat?" Doodle 
"Why I do!" Doodle 
"Can I have the cutest puppy coat?" Doodle 
"When will the sun come back?" Doodle 
"Snow is yummy" Doodle 
"Ready for the movie" Doodle 
"Look how much I have grown" Doodle
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!
We can't wait to share more next Monday!!!!!

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