Sunday, January 27, 2019

Doodle Babysitting

Amelia's birthday is tomorrow so her Grandma took her out for the day to celebrate. I had Doodle Babysitting duty while she was gone. The doggies wanted to play all day but I had work to do.  Birthday preparations take time!
How much longer do you have to work in the kitchen?????? 
It feels like HOURS

The things we have to do to pass the time 
I might not make it!
It is finally play time! 
Hickory come see this stick I found! 
The more the merrier! 
This is so much better than baking 
Let's stay out until dark! 
Hey we gotta go in!
The birthday cake is done! 
Sneak Peek
Your doggies are the best helpers ever
Happy Birthday Eve Amelia!

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