Friday, May 30, 2014

The Proper Way to Take an Evening Walk

We love our ritual evening hike with the doggies.  The air is just the right temperature and the setting sun provides the most beautiful backdrop.  Little did I know that up until now, we were doing our evening walk all wrong. Tonight, Grits let me know the proper way to take an evening walk.
You start by walking across the beautiful corn field as the sun is setting

Then you stop to take the requisite selfie...
this is where we have been ALL WRONG
Then you go to the pond 
to get a drink........

and plop your whole body right down into the water

That way the water is MUCH easier to reach

Ahhhhhh delicious cold water

Then you rest for a while

Even when your owner starts walking back home

ummmm wait a minute....
I'm coming!!!!!!

Oh it is so fun to dry off in the tall hay field!

And then you romp and play hide and seek all the way home!!!
And that is the proper way to take an evening walk.

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