Monday, September 28, 2015

Extra Love

With a house full of family love this weekend, the puppies got tons of extra attention.  The first thing my children do the second they come home is -- run to see the doggies and puppies!  Sure they miss Mr. Yesteryear Acres and me but nothing compares to missing the doggies and puppies.  Missing their furry best friends is the hardest part of being away from home. This weekend the puppies got lots of extra love!
I am not sure who was more excited to see the puppies - my son or Bri

I think we can call it a tie

The puppies were really glad to see them too!

Bri always wants to keep one!

Because the puppies are sooooooo cute!

No better way to spend a day

surrounded by sweet puppies!

Always the best part of our job!

We love them all

"Today was so much fun!" 

"Does this hat make my butt look big?"

"We all want a picture with the hat"

"Ahhhh the perfect pillow!"
Happy Monday!

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