Thursday, September 24, 2015

Racing the Sun

With the long dry spell we have had here at Yesteryear Acres, our pond level has really dropped.  Our dock has a bad support post and we have been needing to repair it all summer long. Today is finally the day to hopefully cross that one off the list.  The water level at the dock is usually way over Mr. Yesteryear Acres head so repairing the support beam before today has been nearly impossible. For some odd reason, Mr. Yesteryear Acres does not wish to tread water while operating power tools. With the new low water level in the pond, Mr. Yesteryear Acres now gets to stand in chest high cold water to repair the dock.  Isn't he lucky?  I went out tonight to check on him and he was still busy at work.
Almost done

I let Mr. Yesteryear Acres know he had 22 minutes left of daylight.
Time to race the sun.

This is when my expertise was required.  I was in charge of aligning the pipes. 
Gosh!  I am an expert dock builder!

Hurry Mr. Yesteryear Acres.......the sun is setting!!!!!
Just a few more boards to go!

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