Sunday, September 20, 2015

Those aren't Raisinettes

The weather today was simply beautiful.  It was a perfect day to do a little one-on-one off leash training with one of our older puppies. Our doodle puppies learn very early how to have excellent manners on leash but then we also have to work on good manners off leash.  We love to take our doodle doggies hiking and they are allowed to roam free and romp and have fun, but within a limited radius.  They all need very good recall and must come galloping back when called. They also need to learn not to chase the deer, not to eat yucky things along the way, and not to get into the briers. We like to start training early so we can have stress-free super fun hikes.
Apple says, "I am ready!!!" 
"Apple! Those aren't Raisinettes!  Please don't eat the deer poop!

"You called??"

Good Doggie!

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