Thursday, September 3, 2015

All Clean......Just Kidding

Juneau's puppies were given the spa treatment this afternoon as they start going to their new homes tomorrow.  Nails done.  Ears clean. Coats washed and brushed.  The works.  One by one, I lovingly bathed each puppy and got them ready for their big weekend. They were all bright and shiny and clean.  Their white coats sparkled in the sunshine. They were so good while getting their spa treatment, I decided they earned a little recess time outside.  The pups just love romping around in the grass.  Nice dry green grass is perfect for snowy white clean puppies.  Except my snowy white clean puppies decided that nice dry green grass was boring.  The dirt under the burning bush was FAR more interesting! I believe their conversation went something like this, "The second she turns her head, let's run under the dish and Dig and Dig and Dig!" Oh yes.....  One by one, I carried a dirty chocolate colored puppy back inside. Alright puppies.  Looks like you won this round!!!!

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