Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meals AND Wheels

My son's job at college is a good 5 miles from his dorm.  He works until 11pm at night and then has to make it back to his dorm and then hopefully over to the dining hall before they close at midnight.  He has a very late dinner (if any).  He also has most of his classes on the Agricultural campus with a few general classes over on main campus.  Having a 15 minute break between classes makes it almost impossible for him to get to class on time.  Never fear.....bike delivery is here!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I left early this morning to deliver a bike to our son.  Now he can make quick work of his 5 mile journey back to the dorm at night.

He was super glad to see us. We may have had some homemade tapioca pudding, rabbit stew, homemade rolls and a few other things he loves.
Dear son, Hope your trip back to the dorm after work tonight is a quick one! Maybe you will have time to eat dinner too!

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