Sunday, May 22, 2016

Made in America

My son leaves very early tomorrow morning for his summer internship as an Agricultural Operations Manager.  We are going to miss him! Before he left, he made one request of his sister.  He wanted handkerchiefs.  Not just regular handkerchiefs but handkerchiefs made in America.  He has been searching for USA made handkerchiefs but has had no luck.  Even our local farm store only sells handkerchiefs made in China.  Well his sister wasted no time in making her brother's wish come true.
Not only made in America

But made at Yesteryear Acres!

She has been working all day

Sewing handkerchiefs for her brother
He will be well stocked

with love from home


  1. Your son answered your phone when I first called He has excellent phone and communication skills. I was impressed When I lived in Ohio I was CEO of Commerical Vehicle Group and we hired up to 30 interns in the summer. We had been doing for about 5 years and had several interns that became our selected college graduate new hires. It's a great opportunity for your son and if he has the same presence, manners and confidence he projected over the phone he will do great.
    Merv Dunn


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