Friday, February 17, 2017

A Little Sunshine Can Go A Long Way

Today I took time out from doing all the chores to enjoy the sunshine. I have been so busy these past few weeks with both my parents being sick and thereby leaving all the work to me. Today I thought, why the rush? It is gorgeous outside and I am having a great day. So I looked around and saw Olive Doodle and Maverick Doodle enjoying the sunshine with a nice sunbath. I decided right there and then I wanted to join them. So I dropped the bucket I was carrying and laid on the ground. It wasn't very long until I had some company. 

Hey Amelia doesn't this feel wonderful!?!

Yes it does Olive dog! And thanks for the kisses!

Bandit kitty doodle even joined me! His black fur was all warm and silky from the sun

Maverick saw some geese by the pond, but the call of the sunshine was just too much for him to move, so he watched from afar. 

A little sunshine in your life can go a long way! I have been in an even better mood since enjoying my little catnap in the sun. Thanks for making me relax Doodles and enjoy the sunshine!

Here is to a beautiful day!

--Always Amelia

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