Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Ruff Day of Maverick

Today was the same as the past week, me battling the germ realm of my parents' house while I do all the work here at Yesteryear Acres. Every now and again I risk my life and go into the living room to see if the lovely sniffly Mr. and Mrs. Yesteryear Acres need anything. On one of my trips I saw that my doodle Maverick had in fact abandoned me to watch movies with them. Now I know I left him inside as it is incredibly muddy here and I didn't want him getting any mischievous ideas, and I would understand if he was watching movies then, But NO! I was working in the kitchen making more fresh squeezed orange juice and trying to figure out dinner. He left me to go relax in the living room! Now I am the only chump working my tail off. Dear Maverick Doodle.... you have had just the most Ruff day I can think of! Let's see if our Tail Wagging Devoted Yesteryear Acres followers agree...

This is what I saw when I walked in

"Uhhh oh hey Amelia... I didn't uhh see you there..."

I am thinking that Mr. Maverick must have needed a break from his early morning workout while I used my indoor spin bike... 

My poor puppy! How you have suffered today! Let's go make you a snack! :)

---Always Amelia

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