Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Work Done, Germ Free!

Life here has been quite busy for the past week plus for me. My poor Mother did in fact spread her germs and now Mr. Yesteryear Acres is also a bit under the weather. By 'a bit' I mean, "OH DEAR DAD STOP TRYING TO HELP ME! YOU ARE CONTAMINATING EVERYTHING!!!!" Now as you can imagine I can't really yell at my parents for trying to do their job, but being the scrappy person I am, I looked at this another way.... OH look wonderful parents of mine! Is that movie you have been trying to watch for over a year!? Somehow it just slipped into the DVD player. I Just do not know HOW in the world that happened! Just sit down for a second... That's right... just ONE second. See don't you both feel better? Oh Mr. Yesteryear Acres let me help you take off your boots. You don't want to get the couch muddy do you?! No I didn't think so. Well now that you both look so cozy let me go grab you some jello I just made. Doesn't that sound nice? Yes?! Excellent.... Well now that you both are all snuggled into the couch I'm just going to be outside for just a bit. Now don't feel bad because of the soaking rain that is happening outside, just think of how lucky I am to be getting all these steps in! WOOOHOO! My fitbit is going to be rocking today! So dearest parents of mine, thank you for allowing me to get in all these extra steps today. I don't know what I would do without you both! OH are you trying to get up!?!?! Just sit right there, the molasses cookies are coming out of the oven! You can't miss those while they are hot! ;)

And that is how I got all the work done here at Yesteryear Acres germ free!!! :)

--Always Amelia  

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