Friday, February 10, 2017

Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

I just need to start this blog off with a big ole SIGH. As I was wracking and wracking my brain to think of a clever blog for today, all I could think of was I AM SO TIRED! Between doing the work of 3 people, caring for my infectiously germy parents, as well as taking care of my own house, I honestly and truly just wanted a nap. My braincells were slowly falling into a deep snooze as I watched my cursor blink monotonously on the screen. It wasn't until I felt like all was lost that I looked up and saw that I was being watched....
Simba was oh so effortlessly perched on top of the bread maker as if he belonged there all his life.

I think he could sense my writers block and thought that he could help me out by creating a story. Now he understands he is NOT allowed on the counter, but he also knows I am the soft one of the Yesteryear Acres' clan and I just simply shoo him off without any other repercussions. I think our relationship has warmed his little kitten doodle heart and inspired him to help me. 

First he suggested a blog about the beautiful and aromatic 'Get Well' flowers we have by the window. No Simba kitty, I am not feeling a flower blog today....

After refusing a blog about flowers I think Simba truly realized my woes and decided to come do the blog himself.

He looked at the screen and tried swiping the cursor on the blank page. He stared at my computer some more.

Finally I said AHA! Simba kitty you are a genius! I will just write about you and your kindness! He gave me a little nudge with his head in approval with such a purrrfect idea 

And with that he was gone without so much as another meow...

And so, it was time to get to work.

Thanks Simba!

---Always Amelia

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