Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good Morning!

Someone was awake quite early this morning and sparkling with pep. If you know me that is never EVER a description I would use to characterize myself in the morning. I literally need 10 alarms to make sure I even wake up on time. No this peppy happy morning creature was in fact my doodle Maverick. This morning I awoke with a start when Mav decided to launch himself from the floor (I don't even know why he was down there... he usually sleeps in bed with me) and LAND on my stomach. This resulted in my  two cats flying everywhere and snarling and hissing out of fear, a weird indescribable sleep deprived noise escaping my lips, and pretty much all around chaos. When I was finally cognizant enough to understand that I was not being attacked, Maverick started licking and licking and licking my face, as if to say GOOOOOOOD MOOOOOORNIIIIING!!!! Now I do have to hand it to him, his methods for waking me up were extremely effective, way better than my alarm clock system. Once he saw he did his job and got an A+, he leapt off my bed and grabbed a toy. It seemed as if someone was excited and ready to go to Yesteryear Acres for another day of fun with his friends. Who could ever be mad at that?! I dragged myself from bed and got ready for work. With Maverick's help we made excellent time and were even fifteen minutes early! Thanks for the morning wake up Maverick! I hope you enjoyed your extra playtime today!

---Always Amelia 

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